Dog treat box

This bowl encourages the play instinct, the dexterity and keeps the dog busy. The bowl seesaws on the round side and the dog needs to catch? the treat. The bowl in upside down position requires dexterity to reach the treat. This bowl offers long-lasting, new swing in the human-dog-relationship. The individual designed paper band is a really friendly advertising article. The bowl is available in green, brown and black. Dimensions: Height 3,6 cm, Ø 9,6 cm Content: Dog treats 20 g Weight: Approx. 44 g Ad space: 22,7 x 4,0 cm Please ask for imposition layout. Printing: Digital printing, 4/0-c process Sample price: EUR 1,36 Preparatory printing cost: EUR 55,00 In the transparent box, the dog treats and your advertising message are visible at first sight. The individual inlay can be printed on both sides and underlines your message with a tiny, punched-out heart upon request. - Kleur: at customer's option - Materiaal: PET, paper

Richtprijs: € 1.24

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